About Lizzo

I am a drag queen trapped in a lesbian’s body living the queer waster dream in Leeds. I drink a lot of tea and listen to a lot of Lady Gaga and think I might have forgotten how to get into new music because she’s so good? Oh, well. I have some fucking rad friends, many of whom are involved in the Mothership, an awesome conglomerate of Leeds queer/feminist/woman-orientated artists and promoters. I am a vocalist and on my way to convincing myself that it’s okay to call myself a musician. I’m the kind of person who will shout at people in the cinema when they’re talking loudly, and I hate it when people play ball games near me in Hyde Park. I love reading very, very much, and I don’t spend enough time doing it. I am passionate about queer and gender liberation and hope it’s accurate to say that I’m trying to learn more about these things all the time. I LOVE BUFFY.


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